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The 5 best cities and places for expats in Mexico

With so many destinations in Mexico to choose from, where do you even start? Mexico is a vibrant country with a rich culture and an easy way of life for expats. It’s no wonder people from across the globe have chosen Mexico as their country of choice to work from and even retire! It can certainly be hard to decide without advice from those who have already lived there.

Luckily, our advisors at Pacific Prime Latin America have a few cities to share with you and help expats already in Mexico decide where to go. Read on as this article goes over the 5 best cities for expats in Mexico.

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1. Mérida

First on our list is Mérida. This is because Mérida, a city with a population of around a million people, is considered the safest in Mexico. Expats looking for a mini-metropolis can discover it in Mérida. The city boasts a growing expat community, making it easy to settle and learn from others already living there. You’ll also find universities, museums, and major corporations dotted across the city. If these reasons weren’t enough, the city has its very own international airport. You could easily travel to the US and back or any other neighboring country.

2. Querétaro

If you are looking for a remote location for a fresh and new experience, then second on our list is Querétaro. The location of Querétaro is very much dead center in Mexico and is roughly 3 hours away from the capital, Mexico City. Given how remote yet close it is to the capital, this region makes a great location for expats to settle in.

Similar to Mérida, the region is also considered safe. There are colorful streets, friendly locals, loads of vivid flowers, and well-preserved colonial architecture. So if you consider yourself an adventurer of some sort and love street photography or mingling with locals, consider heading to Querétaro.

3. Puerto Vallarta

If you haven’t heard of Puerto Vallarta, then you are in for a pleasant surprise. This famous resort town on the west coast of Mexico is a haven for expats. In fact, it is one of the most established expat communities in the country with expats migrating there for more than 60 years! This is probably because of the beautiful beaches, magnificent coastline, numerous activities, boutiques shops, and a range of restaurants and bars. If you love the sea, there are plenty of water sport activities throughout the year.

Retirees looking for a perfect location can find everything they need in Puerto Vallarta too! For more information on where to retire, see Your complete guide to retiring in Mexico: visa, housing, and healthcare.

4. Puebla

If a colonial setting isn’t an issue, then our fourth recommended city to live in is Puebla. There are over 5,000 historic buildings, including Puebla Cathedral, from the 16th century. The local atmosphere is fantastic for those looking to enrich their experience while living there. You’ll also come across beautiful landscapes dotted with waterfalls, mountains, caves, and more. Have you heard about their unique gastronomy? It is internationally recognized for its flavor, variety, and history.

Interesting fact: The local gastronomy is a fusion of original Mexican, Spanish, French, and Arabic cuisine.

5. Mexico City

Last but not least is Mexico City, which is well known amongst expats, especially for the younger generations. Digital nomads favor the city’s cafes and co-working spaces, as well as modern infrastructure and services. The city is also easy to get around via the bus, subway, or Uber.

The capital was recently voted the eighth best city in the world for expats and No. 1 in North America, according to the results of an international survey. Of the categories listed, Mexico made it into the top five cities in three different categories. It ranked second for “getting started,” which gauges the level of friendliness, ease of learning the local language, friendliness, etc., fourth for “finance and housing,” and fifth for “local cost of living.”

Finding a place to live is not tricky, and prices are relatively affordable (if you know where to look). Generally, there is something for everyone in this bustling and incredible city.

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