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Family Health Insurance

Find the right family insurance plan that suits the needs and budget for your family! Contact Pacific Prime today and get a free quote & plan comparison!

Family Health Insurance

Customizable Medical Insurance Coverage for Your Family

At Pacific Prime Latin America, all the family medical insurance plans are customizable to suit your family’s medical needs, providing you with the best protection and aid your family in managing risks.

Family helth insurance is crucial in Latin America as it gives you and your family members access to private healthcare treatment when needed, which typically means superior facilities, shorter wait times, and quicker diagnosis and treatment responses.

Family health plans can vary quite significantly between different insurers, but can typically be customized to include benefits for: 

  • Hospitalization care

  • Outpatient treatment (e.g. GP and specialist visits)

  • Prescription medication

  • Dental care (including orthodontic treatment)

  • Vision treatment

  • Preventative care (e.g. health check-ups, essential vaccinations) 

  • Alternative medicine 

  • Companion bed/hospital expenses 

  • LATAM or worldwide coverage

Best International Health Insurance for Families

William Russell

Worldwide insurer with competitive policies for individuals under 40 years old

  • Speedy service, both on new business applications and post-sales services, such as claims

  • Many comprehensive plan options with very few sublimits

  • Good maternity cover on their top Gold plan

  • Free choice of hospitals

How to Choose the Best Family Health Insurance Plan

The best family health insurance plan is the plan that covers all the medical needs of each individual in your family. To find the best plans there are several aspects you need to consider and take note of.


It is perhaps the most important aspect because you don’t want a plan that you can’t afford in the long-run. When choosing your plan it is important to look at the monthly premiums and any payment options that may help lower the premium costs including deductibles and copays. 

Medical Needs

The next thing you want to do is review the medical needs of each member in your family. Consider their current state of health and consult with a doctor to assess risks ahead of time. This will give you a clear idea on the benefits that you will need covered in your family health insurance plan.

To give you a general idea, families with young children, infants, or are expecting children will want a plan that covers visits to a pediatrician and regular wellness check-ups for children and teenagers.


Vaccinations will also be a benefit to consider as it plays a crucial role in preventing dangerous diseases that are still prevalent in Mexico such as measles and polio in children. Adults can also benefit from regular influenza vaccinations to prevent infections during flu seasons.

Elders benefits

Families with elders will want to consider benefits including preventive care, prescription drugs coverage, and dental/ vision benefits as these will benefit elders the most and help detect illnesses before they escalate to a threatening level.

Cost & Coverage

Once you have identified the benefits you want covered in your family health insurance plan, the next step is to compare and review the costs and benefits of each plan to find the one that offers the most comprehensive cover within your budget.

Hospital Networks

One final detail to take note of is the hospital networks of each plan. If you have a preferred hospital or doctor you visit, make sure that they are part of your plan’s network or you will have to pay out of pocket for them.

What Are the Benefits of Having a Family Health Insurance Plan?

The benefits of having comprehensive family health insurance that is right for your family extends well being access to the private healthcare sector and reduces medical costs. Depending on your circumstances, a family health insurance plan can also provide tax benefits and more.

The More Economical Option 

A family health insurance plan is more economical especially in large families as it is significantly cheaper overall when compared to securing an individual plan for each family member, especially if it is a plan with equal benefits and coverage.

More Benefits and Coverage

Family health insurances are designed to cover the needs of multiple members of the family. Every family member in the plan will have access to the same benefits. What this means is that individually speaking, every member will have access to the entire amount of the sum insured when they need it.

Additionally, there are many plans that cover maternity related expenses making it easier and more affordable as your family grows. When your child is born, you will also be able to add them or any new family members easily into your plan!

Cost of Family Insurance in Mexico in 2023

The cost of family health insurance in Mexico can start upwards of USD$ 5,352 for a family of 5 including two adults aged 36 (male & female), two children aged 5, and one elderly aged 65. Premiums costs are also projected to continue to grow in the future due to a number of key drivers including:

  • Geopolitical influences such as inflation

  • Increase in healthcare and prescription drug costs

  • Increase in health awareness post-pandemic

  • The rise of Telehealth and new healthcare technologies 

Family Discounts

Chat with our team about ways you can save on premiums by choosing health insurance that covers your entire family, instead of buying individual plans for each family member. In some cases, you can add a child to your plan at no extra cost.

Introducing a New Member to the Family?

If you’re planning on adding a new member to the family, make sure to check out the maternity page to get the best insurance cover for mom and baby.