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Retiree Health Insurance

Explore the benefits of healthcare in Latin America for expat retirees, and how you can choose the best health insurance for your medical needs and budget.

Retiree Health Insurance

If you're looking to retire in Latin America, access to quality healthcare is likely one of your top priorities. Finding a good healthcare facility in medium and large cities is easy. That said, the cost of healthcare can become increasingly problematic as you age. This is why retiree health insurance is essential in ensuring you enjoy retirement with peace of mind.

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Why Healthcare in Latin America is Better for Retirees?

After retiring, you lose your stable source of active income. Money then becomes your greatest concern, and this is why healthcare in Latin America is exceptionally retiree-friendly in the sense that it is very cost-effective

The region is home to more than 18,000 hospitals that offer plenty of choices for healthcare. Below are a few countries with well-established healthcare systems that retirees can confidently consider moving to.


The quality of medical facilities and healthcare providers in Mexico is on par with what’s available in the U.S. However, you can expect to pay 50% less in Mexico for the same treatments and prescription medications. 

The area is also a popular destination for medical tourism. With the number of medical tourists coming into the country every year, you can rest assured that you can communicate without any language barrier, and are in good hands with experienced hospital staff who are experienced in taking care of foreign patients.


Brazil’s healthcare system is built on four pillars – promoting health, preventing sickness, treating the sick and injured, and tackling serious diseases. It is also undergoing continuous growth and development, indicating that healthcare will improve drastically in the coming years.

The pharmaceutical market has shown tremendous growth with the generic drug segment forecasted to do well in the future, prescription drugs will be a necessity as one grows old.


Argentina’s major cities such as Buenos Aires, Cordoba, and Mendoza offer high-standard healthcare services. Medical staff in private hospitals and clinics are well-trained and healthcare facilities are well-equipped.

It is recommended to secure private insurance, as public hospitals offer more basic services.

The healthcare system in Latin America can be generally categorized into public and private healthcare. As an expat retiree, you will be classed as a legal resident so you can access public hospitals without any problem. However, here are some reasons you may want to consider going private instead.

Accessibility and communication: Public hospitals are known for long wait times, and private hospitals are far more comfortable to visit without waiting long. Staff inside private hospitals are English-speaking and are more familiar in dealing with foreign patients.

Quality healthcare and services: As private hospitals are privately funded, they have ample resources to offer. You can also expect state-of-the-art facilities and cutting-edge technologies to provide you with the best medical services.

You will need to secure private health insurance to access private healthcare without paying hefty medical fees out-of-pocket. To find the best health insurance for your healthcare needs and budget, it is best to consult insurance experts about the best international health insurance for retirees.

Best International Health Insurance for American Retirees


AXA is a globally recognized name in the insurance industry with a competitive medical network to offer. The company excels at providing fast service for clients and partners. 

The advantages of AXA’s plans:

  • Lifetime renewability 

  • Age is not factored into plan enrollment

  • Competitive prices for elder people

  • Flexible medical evaluation, providing a moratorium option with a short medical questionnaire, and normally offering exclusions for conditions that most of the insurers will not accept


  • Cigna has one of the world’s widest hospital networks, offering top-notch customer service wherever you are in the country in multiple languages so you won’t have to worry about not being able to communicate effectively.

  • They offer cost-effective modular plans that allow you to adjust the benefits according to your needs and budget, supplemented with comprehensive wellness benefits such as unlimited phone or video doctor consultations via the Cigna Wellbeing™ mobile application.

How to Choose the Best Health Insurance Plan for Retirees

There is a range of insurance providers available in the market where you can purchase health insurance as an expat retiree. To choose the best health insurance plan, you might want to consider the following:

Premium and out-of-pocket expenses

Evaluate the cost of retiree health insurance. Consider the premium rates, deductibles, and copayments. See if the estimated cost will exceed your budget.

Access to desired providers

Some insurance providers are the big names in the industry. You may want to enroll in their insurance plans for different reasons: wider coverage in your location, possibly lower premium rates, and greater support.

Favorable experience 

Once you have enrolled in a desired plan, it is not likely that you will switch to a different provider. Therefore, it is important that you feel comfortable working with them and make sure that they are giving you enough support.

Adequate coverage for your health care needs

Different plans offer different coverage in terms of amount and items. Some may provide you with extra benefits after the waiting period. Carefully evaluate whether the coverage is maximized for your needs.

Lifetime renewability

Insurance renewal is important as it ensures that your health is continuously covered. Most, if not all, plans provide lifetime renewals. Still, it is imperative to check if this feature is stated in the fine print.

Stability of the insurer

Analyze the financial situation of the insurer: is the company approving claims under reasonable circumstances? Is the company able to offer you support whenever you need help? Online reviews may help you in this regard.

Claims history does not affect the renewal premiums

Certain insurance providers will increase the premium if you have a long claims history for the year. Make sure your premium rate is not affected by personal factors.

Navigating through all the plans from various insurers could be a daunting task. Fortunately, we can simplify this process by generating a comprehensive plan comparison for your reference.

Pre-existing and chronic conditions

If you’re looking for a health insurance policy covering many conditions, you must act fast. 

Any diseases or injuries that occurred prior to buying a health insurance policy will likely be considered pre-existing conditions and excluded from coverage. Some insurers will increase your premiums or enroll you on a moratorium basis instead. 

Already have a chronic condition? Let’s talk about potential plan options that will cover you regardless.

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