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Expat parents in Mexico: What you should know about health matters and childcare

Mexico is considered to be a fantastic destination for expat families looking to start a new chapter in their lives. The country certainly combines a good work-life balance and the cost of living is relatively cheap compared to its US neighbor.

If you have concerns about your family’s health matters, then you will be relieved to know that the country has an established healthcare system consisting of public and private hospitals. Both healthcare sectors offer appropriate care, but expats will find private hospitals more attractive due to the higher level of medical services and attention, especially for children. Additionally, childcare options and services are also widely available in Mexico and recognized as child-friendly.

With the above noted, you are encouraged to read on as this blog article by Pacific Prime Latin America provides further information on health matters and childcare in Mexico.

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Health matters for the family in Mexico

Raising a family in Mexico certainly requires a lot of attention and planning. One of the things that expats need to understand quickly is the healthcare system.

Public healthcare system

In Mexico, the public healthcare system is much more affordable than its private healthcare counterpart, however, standards and services are often lower in these public hospitals. The medical costs are covered by the Mexican Institute of Social Security – Instituto Mexicano de Seguro Social (IMSS) but only applies to residents that are eligible for coverage.

Expat families will most likely not be eligible as you’ll need to be either a Mexican citizen or a legal resident. This is why expat families are encouraged to consider comprehensive family medical insurance plans so that they can access private healthcare for their medical requirements.

Private healthcare system

As mentioned in one of our previous articles – All you need to know about healthcare services in Mexico – private hospitals are considered world-class and offer top-notch facilities and medical services. One exceptional benefit of using the private healthcare sector is that staff will be comfortable speaking in English and servicing foreigners whatever their needs and background. Expats will also find that the level of standards at private hospitals and their medical services are similar to their medical experiences back at home.

Paying for the medical costs

Contrary to the public healthcare system, where eligible individuals and their family members are covered by the IMSS, expat families will have to pay out-of-pocket for medical costs.

Although most expat families are likely to be able to afford the initial costs, there could be times that these medical costs add up when treating severe and unexpected health illnesses like cancer or heart disease. Complex diagnostics, medical treatments, and medical expertise can elevate the medical costs quickly to a large and unimaginable sum.

This is why expat families and especially households with young children are encouraged to secure a suitable family medical insurance plan before moving over or when they have initially settled in Mexico.

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Pregnant and want to give birth in Mexico

Expat couples or families that have recently moved to Mexico will want to make contact with a gynecologist or a general practitioner (GP) and get the necessary advice on giving birth in Mexico. As pregnancy requires close monitoring and attention, the right level of healthcare is necessary to ensure any unusual signs or complications are dealt with quickly.

Normally eligible residents will have access to the IMSS, which covers the cost of giving birth at public hospitals. But expats with an active health insurance plan can also choose to add a maternity insurance plan to help cover expenses agreed on the policy.

Do take note that maternity insurance should be secured in advance of birth in Mexico, as the typical waiting period is 10-12 months, which means policyholders have to allow this time to pass before the insurer can provide coverage.

Learn more in our guide to pregnancy and birth in Mexico.

Childcare for expat families in Mexico

For expats with a growing young family, the attention and energy needed may be hard to sustain, especially when being in a new country. This is where help in the form of a nanny can provide you with much-needed childcare support while you work or have other commitments like seeing to your children’s activities.

Unless you have family or relatives that can help take care of the children, tt is worth going through a recognized agency that places nannies with child-minding and even basic first-aid qualifications.

See this business directory by Angloinfo for home help and family support services where you live. Also, be advised to speak to the agencies directly and arrange to meet if the situation allows.

However, given the current global COVID-19 pandemic, another option is to speak to your employer to discuss work from home arrangements, as well as flexible working arrangements. Such non-monetary benefits will allow you to navigate the safety measures in place where you are while helping you to continue working, but also have time to tend to your family needs.

Depending on the industry and type of work, your employer could approve such arrangements which means you will have better control over your professional responsibilities, or tasks and still be able to raise a family safely in Mexico.

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