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Why you should visit Mexico in the fall

Each season brings a unique experience to Mexico. Winter attracts the most visitors as many people travel to take a break from cold temperatures – especially those from up north. However, the fall period offers some experiences that are exclusive to the season. So much so that those who travel to Mexico frequently tend to prefer this time of year.

You might be wondering, “When is fall season in Mexico?”. Taking place from September through to November, autumn is an ideal time to visit the country. The climate in Mexico is pleasant, there are fun festivals and events happening, and fewer tourists means better deals. In this Pacific Prime Latin America article, we discuss some reasons why you should visit Mexico in the fall.

You can enjoy good weather

During the fall months, the weather in Mexico is exceptionally nice. The rainy season is almost over in most of the country. That means you’ll get to witness the vegetation in its most lush and green state without having to deal with rain all the time. While storms can still happen during the fall period (as hurricane season officially ends in November), they’re much less likely than during summer.

You’ll appreciate the warmth, and avoid the humidity that the summer is known for. It also won’t get as cold as it does in winter, though you can head to places with higher elevations if you’re looking for a break from the heat. It’s advisable to check weather forecasts for your area and pack accordingly.

It’s a celebratory time of year

There are several festivals and events you can join during the fall season. While you may think of fall time as returning to school or work after the summer vacation, Mexico is just getting ready to celebrate some special occasions.

Mexican Independence Day is celebrated on September 15th and 16th – and involves parades, festivals, and food. Some of the festivities occur over the entire month. Similarly, the Festival Cervantino is an important (and massive!) cultural festival that takes place in Guanajuato every October. Another Mexican holiday in the fall is the famous Day of the Dead or Día de los Muertos. Celebrated throughout the region between October 31st and November 2nd, the holiday allows you to experience Mexican culture in a unique way.

With celebrations also comes celebratory food, including one of Mexico’s most loved national dishes: Chiles en Nogada. This seasonal dish was invented in Puebla but is served throughout Mexico during September so be sure to try it if you’re around.

You’ll save money

If you love a good deal then the fall period is the best time to visit Mexico. Prices for everything from flights and accommodations to shopping and activities can be heavily discounted.

Many people enjoy shopping on vacation as much as they enjoy lounging by the pool. During this season, the prices for many shopping items in Mexico are lower than during the high season. Shop owners are also much more willing to negotiate since they don’t make as many sales. Additionally, some accommodations in Mexico offer free stay for kids during the fall period.

No crowds come with perks

Anyone who’s visited Mexico during the peak season knows that it can get crowded, especially in popular beach resort areas. The fall is much quieter, making it easy to feel comfortable on the beautiful beaches – along with the help of the warm sun!

Fewer tourists also means you won’t have to compete for attentive service. You’ll find that shop owners, servers, and hotel staff are eager to give you their attention. To top it off, you won’t have to join a waiting list to use beach and ocean equipment. Unlike in the peak season, kayaks, paragliders, and other equipment are yours for the asking.

Fall travel tips

When packing for your trip to Mexico in the fall, it’s recommended to pack a raincoat or an umbrella just in case you catch the last bits of rain. If your itinerary involves high elevations then a light jacket or sweater is a must as it can get quite cold once the sun goes down. Those heading to the beach should pack light, comfortable clothing that allows your skin to breathe. No matter where you go, always wear sunscreen even if you don’t feel hot or can’t see the sun.

Travel safely with Pacific Prime Latin America

Fall is a lovely time to plan a trip to Mexico whether you’re traveling alone or with loved ones. Regardless of when you visit, make sure you travel wisely and safely by securing international health insurance in Mexico.

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