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Is Mexico City Safe for Expats 2024

Mexico’s recent election is shaping up to be one of the most violent elections in modern Mexican history, with at least 23 political candidates killed during the campaign and new reports of political figure shootings after the results.

As an expat, you may be wondering if Mexico is safe for expats in 2024 or if it is safe to visit Mexico. In this article we will look at whether or not Mexico is safe for expats and tourists in 2024, from popular expat hubs like Mexico City to popular tourist destinations such as Tulum and Cancun.

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Is Mexico City Safe for Expats?

It is important to know that the current turmoil the country is facing is not a nationwide problem. Many of these political killings happened outside of main expat hubs like Mexico City. Expats based in these major hubs can rest easy.

The ongoing political violence happening in Mexico mostly involves politicians and political candidates. As foreigners are barred from participating in the country’s politics, they are generally not the target of these attacks.

What Can Expats Do to Stay Safe in Mexico?

Cartel-related crimes are nothing new in Mexico and whilst the government has taken steps to combat them such as forming the National Guards (Guardia Nacional) in 2019, there are several things expats can do and take note of to stay safe, from acting responsibly and avoiding high-risk regions.

Do Your Research

Whether you are already based in Mexico or planning to relocate to Mexico, it is important to do sufficient research on the country and the route you will take to enter the country. Make sure you have the emergency contact of your embassy saved on your devices.

When considering a place to stay, it is crucial that you do sufficient research on the neighborhood. If you are relocating to a major expat hub like Mexico City, check out our list of Best Places to Live in Mexico City where we recommend places based on key factors including safety and security. 

Avoid High-risk Areas

Unnecessary risks should be avoided whenever possible. Pay attention to local news and avoid areas with frequent crimes.

Act Responsibly

Even if you have been living in Mexico for a while, it is important to act responsibly and keep in mind basic safety precautions. Just because you live in a relatively safe neighborhood doesn’t mean that nothing bad can happen. 

Is Mexico Safe for Tourists?

Mexico isn’t just a place that attracts many expats, it is also a popular travel destination. Travelers planning to visit Mexico may be wondering “is Tulum, Mexico safe?” or if it is safe to travel to Mexico now. Whilst there are risks, it is still safe to visit Mexico.

Travelers and tourists will be glad to know that despite the violence the country is facing, destinations such as Cancun, Playa del Carmen, and Tulum are considered relatively safe regions to visit. The National Guards has also been deployed to Tulum to reinforce security.

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