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3 tips for relocating to a different country in 2021

Are you planning to relocate to a different country in 2021? If so, you are not alone! According to the Graebel and Wakefield Research survey, 80% of workers were found to show interest in relocating, and just under a third (31%) stated that they would relocate internationally. However, the responses came back higher for those when assessing post-pandemic relocations, with 84% stating they would relocate after COVID-19 subsides, and 46% stating they would relocate internationally.

Getting started can be a daunting experience but luckily for you, our experts at Pacific Prime Latin America offer 3 essential tips for relocating to a different country in 2021. Read on to discover what they are!

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Tip 1: Review the basics and plan carefully


So you have your mind fully set on relocating abroad, which is great. The next thing is to create a timetable for all the key dates like travel date, relocating date, shipping of personal items date, etc. You may also want to include dates for when you go to apply and pick up your visa if needed. By creating a timetable, you can allocate enough time to prepare and tick off the essentials. This way if you miss something out, you’ll have time to get it sorted.

Learn the local language

Another basic consideration is to take up a language course for the country you are planning to relocate to. According to our experts at Pacific Prime, many quoted this as an essential basic or requirement. This is because knowing basic words and/or phrases will help set you off to a great start when you arrive. You’ll feel more confident when approaching locals for help if needed, but you’ll also settle easier and quicker when you are there.

Learn the local customs and culture

Don’t forget to learn the local cultures and customs. This will help you immerse into the way of life there. Etiquette and perspectives vary from country to country, so it’s wise to fully embrace and know what they are. The last thing you want is to stand out like a sore thumb by disrespecting the locals. A big no-no!

Check out expat networks and grow your connections

Relocating means you’ll want to seek out groups and networks of people that are in a similar situation as yourself. By checking into groups dedicated to expat, you are bound to make new friends and possibly develop great connections for future jobs.

Get connected to a mobile network

Nowadays, it’s difficult to get around without a mobile network device. Do your research before you relocate and compare internet and mobile phone service options. You’ll find Google Maps or Google Translate are great apps to help you get around and communicate, respectively. Download other apps to help you get around too.

Tip 2: Health comes first, so fully check the country’s healthcare system and services

Health check

Since you will be in another country, check if your native country of residence has a reciprocal healthcare agreement in case you need to check in for healthcare treatment. If not, then you’ll need to do a deep dive into the nature of the public healthcare and private healthcare systems there.

What’s more, you are encouraged to consider securing travel insurance or individual health insurance to cover costs at private hospitals too. Medical expenses in countries and locations like the US, Singapore, and Hong Kong can be costly and add up to excessive sums. Speak to an expert like Pacific Prime Latin America for more details.

Get the right vaccination and go for a health check

Before you relocate, check with your local doctor on the recommended vaccinations for the country you are planning to relocate to. The local embassy or consulate may also require you to have a COVID-19 vaccination too. Requirements do vary from country to country so it’s best to check with them before.

Along with getting vaccinated, you are also encouraged to get a health check. Not only will this provide you with peace of mind, but you’ll be able to treat any health issues before relocating abroad. Since health treatment may be free in your country of residence, you could save yourself paying out of pocket in a different country.

Tip 3: Sort out your finances before relocating


Your finances will need a lot of attention before and after you relocate. Before you do relocate, you should cancel direct debits and auto-billing orders. This is because being abroad can make it difficult to sort out any issues like banking, as you may need to be there in person.

You’ll also want to keep your bank account active and inform the bank of your plans to move abroad. Your bank will make a note and ensure your bank cards, such as debit and credit cards, work abroad. Once you have relocated, it is essential to open up a local bank account there to receive your salary or make payments. Your employer should be able to help you if you are taking a job assignment abroad.

Inform your local tax authority

One of the biggest financial implications for people who relocate is taxation. You could receive a notice from your local tax authority to pay tax on your earnings from abroad, which could be a lot. Therefore, you should check with your local tax authority and inform them that you will be moving abroad.

Tax officials will require proof and a declaration that your earnings are not bound to the country’s taxation rules. Unless they are, which may require further clarification. All in all, before you head out, get the full details and understand the process of taxation where you are.

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Where can I find out more tips for relocating abroad?

Relocating abroad is a major endeavor and will require full guidance and all the tips you can get your hands on. Fortunately, Pacific Prime Latin America can help provide additional tips especially for those moving to the Latin America region or anywhere else around the globe for that matter.

To discover more tips, have a read of our complete guide to moving abroad as an expat. You will find all of the tips mentioned above, as well as several others!

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