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6 tips on moving abroad during the coronavirus pandemic

Moving abroad is already stressful enough under normal circumstances. Add a pandemic to the mix and stress levels are bound to heighten. COVID-19 has made its way around the world, making it a factor that anyone who’s moving must take into consideration. As many countries have managed to control the novel coronavirus, borders have slowly started to reopen. However, it’s important to take precautions. This Pacific Prime Latin America article offers 6 tips for moving overseas during COVID-19.

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1. Make sure it’s safe

The health and safety of you and your loved ones come first, which is why the first thing you should do is triple check whether you can move safely. Make sure the place you’re moving to has managed to reduce the spread of the coronavirus to controllable levels. It’s advisable to check which countries are no longer deemed high risk according to your local government. Additionally, you should research your destination to see what others are saying.

Of course, moving during an ongoing pandemic comes with some risk no matter where you are going. The best thing you can do is to make sure the risk is minimal so you’re more comfortable.

2. Check whether you can legally move

Governments across the globe are changing their restrictions for people entering the country all the time. While these changes can be tiresome for those with travel (or moving) plans, they are a necessary response to the latest developments in COVID-19 transmissions. Even if you’ve checked this information before, it’s recommended to check again since regulations can change without notice. Monitoring the situation might sound tedious, but it’s better than being forced to fly back to a place where you no longer live because you were denied entry.

3. Follow all the rules that apply to you

Imagine traveling with all your belongings only to be turned away at the border due to insufficient documentation. Negative COVID-19 tests and medical certificates are common requirements during this time. Since rules vary from country to country, you’ll have to closely follow the official government rules if you want to enter the country.

Remember that entering the country is just the beginning. Once you’re in, you must follow quarantine rules and any other rules that apply. Wearing a mask when you’re around others is not only the right thing to do in terms of health. It also shows those around you that you’re being responsible.

4. Keep in contact with the people helping you move

One of the best ways to keep a level head during a move is staying in touch with people who are helping to facilitate the move. For example, if you’re using a moving company, stay up-to-date with the latest developments for peace of mind. Other people you might want to communicate with include your accommodation and your new boss.

It doesn’t take a disaster for circumstances to change during a move. If plans change abruptly, you need to be able to adapt accordingly. Your company might require employees to work remotely, your airline might cancel flights, and so on. Stay vigilant so you can respond appropriately to anything that might happen.

5. Plan your healthcare early

By now, you’ve probably heard “anything can happen at any time” more times than you can count, but it bears repeating. While it’s difficult to say how much money you should save to move abroad safely, one thing that’s certain is securing insurance ahead of time ensures you’ll be financially equipped to handle the worst.

None of us know what the future holds. Transmissions could suddenly increase, affecting your health, your travel plans, and more. That’s why securing international health insurance, travel insurance, or other applicable insurance plans should be at the top of your moving abroad checklist.

6. Be realistic

Many people get overwhelmed when moving because they set unrealistic goals and try to do too many things at once. When moving somewhere new, you’re not expected to find the best home, meet like-minded people, and know the best route to work all at once. Remember that most things will be new to you initially, but it won’t be that way forever. On top of that, making friends and socializing may be limited for the time being, so be easy on yourself and take things day by day.

Assuming that you’ve secured insurance and a place to stay, start with the essentials, such as the best healthcare facilities and places to buy food, and go from there. If you take things slowly, one day you’ll wake up and realize you’ve managed to move abroad successfully, even during a pandemic.

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