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Does US Health Insurance Work in Mexico?

Typically, most U.S. health insurance policies, such as Medicare, will not provide any benefits for U.S. citizens residing in Mexico. These policies are usually tailored to offer coverage in the policyholder's home state, and occasionally across the U.S. However, only a handful of these plans extend their coverage beyond U.S. borders.

Hence, securing an International Health Insurance plan is a wise move for comprehensive worldwide coverage so that you have the freedom to seek medical treatment in any country you prefer.


Applicant’s Age

International health insurance plans tend to be more affordable for younger individuals since they generally require less medical care. However, as an individual’s age increases, so does the cost of the plan. This is due to the likelihood of developing serious health issues as one grows older. Applicants aged over 65 might be required to undergo a health check-up during the application process.

Worldwide Coverage vs. Worldwide Excluding the USA

International health insurance policies fall into two categories: Worldwide coverage or Worldwide excluding the USA. Opting for a plan that excludes coverage in the USA can lead to significant cost savings due to the high healthcare expenses associated with the country.

For expatriates residing in Latin America, selecting a plan that focuses on European healthcare - renowned for its quality - might be a wise decision. Despite the slightly longer flight time compared to the USA, the potential savings and the high standard of care make these US-excluding plans an appealing option. Read our “Should you choose the US or Europe for international health insurance?” in the FAQ section to learn more.

Country of Residence

The average costs of healthcare can vary significantly from one country to another. Popular expat destinations like the US and Hong Kong typically come with higher insurance policy costs for international residents. Thus, excluding these geographical areas from your coverage might help you achieve a lower premium.

Deductibles (excesses)

A deductible represents the amount of a claim that you must cover out of your own pocket. Insurers might place deductibles to address specific risks or allow policyholders to choose deductibles to reduce premium costs.

Additional benefits

As mentioned earlier, customized benefits such as dental care, eye tests, prescription glasses, routine pregnancy cover, and repatriation usually come at an extra cost.

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