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Mexico Health Insurance

Learn more about the healthcare system and your insurance options, and understand how to choose the right plan for your expat life in Mexico.

Mexico Health Insurance

The Ultimate Overview of Healthcare in Mexico 

Mexico has a unique three-tiered healthcare system. INSABI (first tier) and IMSS (second tier) allow access to public healthcare, with private healthcare being the third tier in the system.

Instituto Mexicano del Suguro (IMSS)

IMSS is free to Mexicans and eligible foreign nationals, including expats with residency status employed full-time by an IMSS-registered company. For those who are not working for an IMSS-enrolled company, it can be bought separately for a small registration fee depending on your age.

Under the IMSS, employees of Mexican companies pay a percentage of their salary every month. They enjoy access to health care in Mexico as well as insurance coverage for their salary in case of inability to work due to an illness or accident.

El Instituto Nacional de Salud Para el Bienestar (INSABI)

INSABI was created for the Mexican community living in extreme poverty, with limited resources that even a doctor’s visit is considered financially challenging. It is funded by the government so there are no costs incurred for enrollment. 

Being the only healthcare system in Mexico where an underwriting process is not required, it does not cover all conditions. Critical conditions that require continuous surgeries and long-term treatments are not fully covered. 

Private Healthcare

Private healthcare is the highest-tier (third-tier) healthcare care offered through private health insurance in Mexico. It is the most expensive out of the three but good services come with a cost, expat with health insurance also enjoy more comfortable and convenient medical care. 

Private healthcare allows access to private hospitals with shorter wait times, higher-level care, English-speaking staff, and state-of-the-art medical facilities in comparison to public hospitals. Medications and medical supplies are also readily available for patients.

Summary of Dubai’s Healthcare System






  • Salary insurance 
  • Extensive healthcare services
  • Free doctor’s appointment in the assigned clinic and medications
  • Basic coverage
  • Amount claimable up to plan limit
  • Extra healthcare benefits from the insurance provider
  • Higher-quality care
  • English-speaking staff
  • Short wait times


All Mexican nationals and foreign residents who are employed full-time by an IMSS-registered company can voluntarily participate in the program

Any Mexico resident who is not supported by another Mexican social security health program

Anyone who needs coverage in Mexico and other areas depending on the insurance plan


It does not cover any below pre-existing conditions:

  • Congenital diseases
  • Chronic degenerative diseases
  • Malignant tumors
  • Addictions
  • Mental illness
  • HIV

Other conditions might be accepted on a moratorium basis.

  • There is a lack of transparent and accurate information 
  • Hospital staff are not familiar with the program as it was launched in recent years
  • Critical conditions are not fully covered
  • No services are provided in English
  • There are certain general exclusions in the policy.
  • Coverage for some items might require a waiting period of 6+ months.
  • Certain items have annual claim limits

What Are The Health Insurance Options for Expats in Mexico?

In Mexico, you are most likely to be qualified for IMSS for public healthcare and private healthcare through expat/international health insurance. 

Keep in mind that public hospitals are overcrowded and the primary language of service is Spanish. You might have to make compromises due to the high demand for medical care in the public sector. Many expats opt for supplemental coverage to access private healthcare.

Securing international health insurance to access private healthcare negates the above-stated problems. Policies are tailored to each individual and family for peace of mind when it comes to making claims under coverage for financial safety. 

The Best Health Insurance in Mexico for Expats


Bupa is the global leader in private health insurance with the largest network of medical providers in the US with a presence in 190 countries. Servicing more than 43 million customers, they guide individuals and families to make informed decisions about their medical care by providing second medical options and case management support globally.

They specialize in offering comprehensive coverage for inpatient, outpatient, dental, vision, and annual health check-ups. Their lifetime renewal plans come with flexibility, they might be portable depending on the country of relocation.

The Best Health Insurance in Mexico for US citizens

Allianz Care

Allianz Care is a top-level international benefits provider with a global network of over 1.3 million medical providers, with modern digital health support and counseling available via the mobile application.

It offers comprehensive coverage for users to access medical care anytime, anywhere with an affordable premium customizable with modular solutions, in which you have complete control over what and how much you want to be covered.

This is the perfect match if you’re a family looking for coverage. It offers maternity benefits, well-child tests, vaccinations, and discounts when insuring two or more children under a policy. To top it off, it is the only international insurer without waiting periods for dental benefits.

GBG Latin America

CBG Latin America is a Latam-oriented insurer with a regional adaptive approach. Featuring competitive plans for all types of profiles, it has the unique benefits of professional sports coverage, competitive maternity plans, and more. 

It also allows free choice of hospitals globally including the USA in some of their plans, so you won’t have to worry about not accessing timely medical care everywhere in the world.

The Most Cost-Efficient Insurance for Expats in Mexico


Looking for health insurance that covers your whole family? Bupa has you covered by offering generous family discounts. Bupa provides comprehensive coverage for all families and gives peace of mind with their global premium support.


It is the top medical insurance provider in Mexico, well recognized and accepted among local hospitals. On top of that, they have staff members located in some of the top hospitals in the country.

Their modular plans provide flexibility in premium adjustment and are competitive in terms of prices and plan design. Plans can cover individuals up to the age of 70.

How Much Does Health Insurance for Expats in Mexico Cost?

There is no definite answer to this question, as the cost will depend on the insurance company you chose, your age, medical history, the policy terms, and the amount of coverage you chose.

Here is a table summarizing the premium you can expect from Cigna Silver, covering inpatient services, with emergency evacuation and expatriation only. The annual limit is USD $1,000,000 and the amount deductible is USD $10,000.

Note: The premium varies with the insurance company you choose. This is to give you an idea of how age affects the premium rates of your health insurance plan.



Premium (annual)



USD $1,731/ MXN $30,379



USD $2,240/ MXN $39,312



USD $3,284/ MXN $57,634



USD $5,130/ MXN $90,031

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What is the Cost of Treatment at Hospitals in Mexico for Foreigners?

Mexico’s hospital system is a combination of private and government-operated hospitals and clinics, almost all of them will quote the cost of treatment beforehand and must be paid before discharge. Below are examples of typical hospital service charges:

Treatment Type

Price in MXN ($)

Routine Checkup

MXN $200-$270

In-patient Services

Under MXN $1,800

Doctor Consultation Services and House Calls

MXN $500


MXN $430-$540

Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI)

MXN $5,400-$9,000

Eye Examinations


Note: Prices will vary according to your medical needs and the location of the hospital

What to Consider When Securing Health Insurance for Expats in Mexico

Deciding on the right health insurance plan is overwhelming given the number of available plans out in the market. To help you make informed decisions, here are some factors that you might consider:

  • Network of hospitals: If the insurance company has a wide network, you can locate the nearest cashless hospital with ease.
  • Claims settlement ratio and process: A high claims ratio indicates the company is steadfast in settling its claims. The process should be as quick as possible for your financial security.
  • Coverage benefits: Look for plans with coverage that you need the most to minimize out-of-pocket expenses.
  • Premium: Compare plans from different insurers of similar coverage to choose the one that suits your budget.
  • Flexibility: Check for add-ons that you might need in the future to customize coverage features.
  • Policy terms: Find out claim limits for each item, waiting periods, co-payments, and deductibles to make sure you know what is covered/ not covered when making claims

To simplify this process for you, talk to our expert advisors or get an obligation-free quote at Pacific Prime today!

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