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AXA Health

Learn more about AXA with Pacific Prime Latin America.


AXA is a global insurance leader that employs more than 149,000 people in over 50 countries, which enables the company to reach out and serve more than 105 million clients. With the motto, “wherever life takes you, we’ll be there,” AXA always prioritizes its client's needs. 

Since its humble beginnings in Paris, France, AXA has gradually developed its prominent position and networks and has also extended its range of insurance products and services. AXA is an innovative, responsible company constantly redefining standards to better serve its valued clients.

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AXA values

AXA’s values reflect the culture of the group’s teams around the world. The strength of AXA’s company culture and its outstanding managerial continuity over more than 40 years can be seen in the proximity of its values across various periods. Here are the four core values adopted by the group since 2016. 

  • Courage 
  • Integrity 
  • One AXA 
  • Customer First

The AXA vision

To transform AXA’s value proposition “from prayer to partner,” the group delivers services that complement traditional insurance coverage and build new business models to increase the protection of their customers. Each and every employee throughout AXA shares the values, purpose, and vision.

Insurance Solutions

AXA offers global health insurance solutions to cover individuals, traveling expatriates, families, and businesses.

AXA Health's Awards

  • Health Insurance Provider of the year 2018 - Moneyfacts Consumer Awards 

  • Best Individual PMI 2017 -  Health Insurance Awards

Key features of AXA International Health Insurance

AXA takes pride in this extensive network and helps expats worldwide with their medical needs. Here are some of the key features of AXA that make it ideal for expats. 

Second opinion service - AXA’s plans include a second opinion service that could help you get another diagnosis from world-leading experts. 

Evacuation and repatriation - If you cannot find local help, AXA’s team will arrange evacuation and repatriation for you. 

Virtual doctor service - Day or night, you can speak to an experienced doctor by video consultation or phone from anywhere in the world.

Mental health support - AXA offers a dedicated platform for mental health support. You can get in touch with qualified psychologists from anywhere in the world.

24/7 support - AXA’s multilingual team will take care of your needs and help you with all of your questions and queries. 

Paybacks as soon as possible - Over 80% of AXA’s eligible claims are paid within 48 hours as long as they have all the information they need.

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Pacific Prime works with the world’s leading insurers to tailor the right insurance plan to meet your requirements. While you could always reach AXA directly, working with an insurance broker like us will help you ensure that everything will be sorted. Especially in a time of distress because our insurance experts will do everything required while you focus on getting better. 

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