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Venezuela Health Insurance
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Health insurance in Venezuela

Venezuela, which is officially known as the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela, is a country located in the northern region of South America. It’s one of the most urbanized countries in Latin America, with most of the population living in cities north of the capital, Caracas. Expats and travelers in the country will surely enjoy the culture, which reflects a blend of indigenous and Spanish customs and the regional Caribbean and Andean influences. 

For the adventurers, there are plenty of sights to see and locations to visit, from the magnificent Andes and the stunning Great Plains to the dense grasslands and famous Amazon basin.

Whether you’re in Venezuela for the short or long term, you’ll want to know about the country’s healthcare system and how health insurance can provide access to some of the country’s top healthcare facilities. Continue reading for an overview of Venezuela's healthcare system, or get a free, no-obligation Venezuela health insurance quote below.

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Overview of healthcare in Venezuela

Like many of its neighbors, Venezuela has a public and private healthcare system. Let’s go over both to give you an idea of what to expect.

Public healthcare

In Venezuela, public healthcare is accessible to everyone, including locals and expatriates. This is great news for expats and travelers, but you should also know that public medical facilities are under stress due to the ongoing economic and political crisis. As such, there are medical supplies shortages across the country, which hinders treatment and care, and even the length of stay for inpatients. Additionally, waiting times can be long, medical equipment may be outdated, and a major or emergency operation may require medical evacuation of the country.

All the things mentioned above can make seeking treatment at a public healthcare facility sound incredibly stressful, especially as a foreigner. So to avoid experiencing the pain points of visiting a public healthcare facility, you can opt to get treatment at a private healthcare facility. 

Private healthcare

If you are looking for healthcare treatment similar to what you expect at home, heading to a private healthcare facility is your best bet. Private healthcare facilities and clinics offer a range of medical services, e.g. if you fall sick, get infected with a tropical disease like malaria, sustain a broken bone, etc. 

Such facilities have highly skilled and qualified staff to help you, and hygiene standards may also be higher than in public facilities. However, healthcare costs are higher than in public hospitals. Although prices vary from place to place, it is better to have peace of mind when you have an active Venezuela health insurance plan for foreigners and expats.

Note: For a list of medical facilities and hospitals in Venezuela, click here.

How to find the best international health insurance plan in Venezuela

Like any other country in the region, Venezuela offers so many pleasures and wonders, and is worth a visit. This is why Pacific Prime Latin America encourages visitors and those planning to move to the country to secure expat health insurance and/or travel insurance. By getting a plan, you can head to any listed private medical facilities and clinics for treatment should the unexpected happen to your health. 

Additionally, international and health insurance plans typically have a medical evacuation benefit, in case you need emergency transport to the nearest city or even country like Columbia or the US.

If you are convinced that an international medical plan is what you need, then our expert insurance advisors are ready to help you. Together, we can find a plan that matches your needs and budget, and provide you with access to our value-added services such as impartial insurance advice, claims processing, and more.
Contact us for a 100% unbiased consultation! Or click the button below to get a no-obligation free quote now.

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