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5 incentives to recruit international educators

It’s becoming increasingly difficult for international schools across Latin America to recruit and retain good quality educators – especially when it comes to specialist subject areas like further mathematics. With the COVID-19 pandemic in the mix, including other issues facing the region, these recruitment challenges are likely here to stay. If your school would like to compete for the best teachers, counselors, special education professionals, and other staff that make up a school, this Pacific Prime Latin America article breaks down what incentives you need to provide. 

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1. An outstanding school culture 

To get a better idea of where your school stands in terms of culture, consider the quality of teachers you currently have and evaluate your school’s administrative operations and management team. Nobody wants to work for a school that doesn’t plan ahead, doesn’t communicate properly, and is just badly run as this can break the overall experience of working there. Neither do they want to work for a school that isn’t empathetic towards them or doesn’t value their contribution. 

2. A desirable and convenient location 

Is your school located in the heart of a bustling city? Or is it located somewhere rural, peaceful, and idyllic? Either way, what’s considered a good location can differ based on a person’s lifestyle and personality. Make sure you understand the advantages your school offers in terms of location and communicate that to attract the right type of educators. Young, single, and extroverted staff might not last long in the middle of nowhere, so hiring couples (both spouses) might be a better strategy to recruit and retain staff. 

Note: Remember to be honest about the pros and cons of where your school is located. You don’t want to oversell your school only to have your newly recruited staff disappointed. You can also do things to mitigate the cons. Is your school located in a high-crime area? Make sure you invest in the appropriate security measures. Or maybe you can provide weekend transport to the city if your school is located somewhere that’s not very well connected. The options are endless. 

3. Career development opportunities 

If your staff feel like they’re stagnating, they’ll look for opportunities elsewhere. Everyone (including international educators) wants to move up the career ladder, so make sure you offer plenty of professional development opportunities (i.e. teacher qualification certification programs like QTS) and career mentorship and guidance, as well as promote the right candidate internally to allow them to move into higher-paying roles. If you’re in doubt, ask your staff directly: “What career development opportunities would you like to have”?

4. Subsidized cost of living

Living in certain areas in Latin America can also be very heavy on the pocket, so why not subsidize the cost of living? Doing so can help your staff free up their income and give them more financial security. Consider assisting your staff with the costs of relocation, accommodation and transportation budget, and free schooling for their kids at your school. The amount you provide will depend on your budget, of course. But make sure it’s in line with the amount of money your school makes.

5. Employee wellness programs 

It’s not easy being an educator – especially during the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic. While things are gradually starting to normalize the world over, the mental health impact from the pandemic is going to be here for a while and schools need to provide the required support. Whether it’s through employee wellness programs or other mental health benefits, making sure that your staff are in the right state of mind can greatly enhance the quality of education your students receive. 

Pacific Prime Latin America can help your school with all things employee benefits 

If your international school would like to offer employee benefits, including employee wellness programs and other mental health benefits, you’ve come to the right place. As a global health insurance brokerage and employee benefits specialist, Pacific Prime Latin America has particular expertise in the international school sector and can help your school design and implement the right employee benefits program. 

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