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Your Guide to Working and Job Hunting in Brazil as a Foreigner 2024

In recent years, Brazil’s economic growth has been one of the fastest in South America, meaning more job opportunities, making it an attractive expat destination for career advancements.

Are you looking to relocate to Brazil? Are you interested in advancing your career in Brazil’s thriving economy? In this comprehensive guide, we will cover everything you need to know to find a job in Brazil and the best insurance plans to stay insured as you propel your career.

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Looking for a Job in Brazil as an Expat

To work in Brazil, you will need a work visa and a residence permit. A residence permit can be applied for at your closest Embassy of Brazil. For a work visa, you will have to apply for one with your employer as they are typically only issued to registered Brazilian companies.

Types of work visas in Brazil:

  • Permanent work visa (Visto Permanente)
  • Temporary work visa (Visto Temporario or VITEM V)
  • Business trip visa (VITEM II)

Check out our ultimate guide on work visas in Brazil to learn everything you need to know about applying for work visas in Brazil.

High Demand Jobs in Brazil?

As an expat searching for opportunities in Brazil, high demand jobs are particularly attractive, some of the high demand jobs in Brazil include engineers, IT specialists, management consultants, and healthcare professionals. Below is a list of high demand jobs in Brazil.


Brazil is home to a number of international schools, and as such teachers are in high demand, especially native english teachers.

Data Engineers

As the world looks towards data more and more to drive key strategies, data engineers are in high demand as companies need experienced talents to find trends in data sets and develop algorithms to collect meaningful information from their raw data.

Management Consultants

Many Brazilian companies are looking to hire expats who are fluent in Portuguese and have experience with finance, strategy, operations, and project management to take the roles as advisors and consultants.


Expats with experience in international tax will find Brazil filled with opportunities in both public accounting and private industries in Brazil. Expats with bilingual skills are also more attractive to businesses in Brazil.

Healthcare Professionals

Healthcare professionals are in high demand in many countries, and Brazil is no exception. Experienced medical doctors, nurses, physical therapists, and other healthcare specialists will be able to find work in both the public and private sector of Brazil.

What is a Good Salary for Expats in Brazil

A good monthly salary for an expat to live comfortably in Brazil is at least USD $700 (BRL 3,468.08) if you are not in an expensive city like Rio or São Paulo. The average monthly cost of living in Brazil is USD $747.

Average cost of living of some of the best places to live in Brazil:

City Cost of Living (USD $)
São Paulo 1,062
Rio de Janeiro 972
Natal 573
Vitoria 694
Florianopolis 808

To determine what a good salary for you in Brazil is, you need to look at the cost of living and your lifestyle. A comfortable salary will vary depending from person to person. Ultimately, a good salary depends on the individual.

Popular Job Hunting Sites for Expats in Brazil

job hunting brazil

Despite the growing economy, finding a job in Brazil can be difficult for expats. As an expat looking for work in Brazil, there are useful tools you can use to your advantage including job hunting sites. Top job hunting sites in brazil include and which offers English UI for expats.

In addition to job hunting sites, expats can also benefit from platforms like LinkedIn and Snaphunt to find jobs in Brazil.

Top job hunting sites and platforms in Brazil include:

Tips to Landing a Job in Brazil

Finding a job in Brazil as an expat can be hard even with the help of the job hunting sites and platforms mentioned above. There are a few things you can do to increase your chances of landing a job in Brazil including polishing your Portuguese. Here are a few tips to help you land a job in Brazil.

Polish Your Social Media Presence

Updating your profiles on job searching platforms can go a long way in creating a positive first impression for your potential employers, as online job interviews may not be able to capture your personality to make a good impression to your potential employer.

Consider Cities Beyond Rio and Sao Paulo

Rio and Sau Paulo are popular expat destinations with lots of opportunities but there are other cities with great opportunities for expats. When looking for a job in Brazil, don’t limit your search to just Rio or Sao Paulo, broaden your search filters to include other cities like Florianopolis!

Proper Preparations Before Interviews

Preparation before any interview is crucial in giving employers a positive impression, this is especially the case for expats. Research your employer and the job post thoroughly to ensure that you can fully explain why you will be a good fit for the employer.

Highlight Experiences Relevant to Brazil

If you have prior experiences in working with a Brazilian company or experiences living in Latin America, these are things you should highlight to potential employers as they can set you apart from other expats competing for the job. You can also polish your Portuguese to impress potential employers.


Brazil is a country filled with opportunities for career advancements for expats, but it can be competitive. Expats will require a resident permit and a work visa in order to work in Brazil. Whilst a resident permit is applied for from local Brazilian embassies, a work visa must be applied for with your employer.

Once you start working in Brazil, it is important to secure health insurance in order to access quality healthcare services in the country. Healthcare in Brazil may be good in major cities like Sao Paulo but services also come at a high cost. As such it is recommended that expats stay insured.

If you are looking to secure a health insurance plan in Brazil, then Pacific Prime Latin America can help you. As a global health insurance broker with over 20 years of experience in the industry, we can help you find the perfect plan based on your unique needs and requirements.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What do I need if I want to work in Brazil?

In order to work in Brazil, you will need a residence permit, which you can apply for at the closest Brazilian Embassy, and a work visa which you can apply for with your employer when you find a job in Brazil.

Do I have to speak Portuguese to work in Brazil?

Depending on the role and the company, you may not need to speak Portuguese to work in Brazil. However, being proficient in Portuguese will give you a significant advantage when looking for a job in Brazil.

What is a good salary for expats in Brazil?

Expats working in Brazil will need at least USD $700 (BRL 3,468.08) to live comfortably in Brazil outside of cities with a high cost of living such as Rio and Sao Paulo. The average cost of living in Brazil is about USD $747.

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