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How being a supportive leader can help build strong teams

Juggling between family, work, and getting accustomed to working from home employees are both mentally and physically exhausted. According to WHO, 5% of the adult population in Latin America suffers from depression. Most of these adults ignore talking about it or try to get help.

Managers can bring about a few small day-to-day changes that could help create a positive work atmosphere for their teams. If you are wondering how you can manage a team successfully given the challenges, here are a few team management tips that could help.

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1.Get to know your team on a personal level

Gone are the days when operational tools and resources were enough for settling issues raised at work. In the present world, managers need to proactively work towards creating psychologically safe environments for building strong teams. So, get ready for some comfortable or uncomfortable one-on-one discussions.

What happens on the inside will start to show on the outside sooner or later. Help your team by getting to know them on a personal level. When each one of your employees on the team is mentally and physically healthy, the motivation for getting the job done will be high.

2. Resort to a more supportive and motivational language

Many a time, dismissive language can seem causal and harmless, especially in a work environment but it can be hurtful and demeaning to the employee. According to a Harvard business review, many managers out there resort to language that sounds casual in an attempt to help their employees. However, the language caused more damage than help.

Let’s take a look at a few examples for understanding the importance of language.

Negative phrasing

When conversing about something unhappy or upsetting avoid, using phrases such as; ‘Don’t be sad, it could’ve been worse’ or ‘You have a good job and nice family, what are you sad about’.

Diminishing the seriousness

It is easy to look at the bigger picture. But when it comes to a personal talk, diminishing the seriousness of the situation doesn’t help. For example, “A lot of people go through this” or “There are people with serious problems” can push an employee further into the corner.

Disapproving tone

In an effort to ease the situation, most of us just throw statements that don’t necessarily mean anything. But this kind of tone will end the conversation immediately. So, as a manager, think twice before saying, “Hey, that’s just a first world problem” or “Don’t worry it happens, just move on”.

Offering instant solutions

One main reason for someone to open up to you is that they want to feel like they are being heard. They are not looking for a particular solution or resolving the problem. As a manager or even a colleague, the best thing you can do in such situations is to simply listen.

3. Invest in physically comfortable workspaces

The transition of going from working from home back to an office desk can be difficult. Invest in standing desks, and open design offices.

Did you know that sitting for long hours is the new smoking? So, design your office interiors that are friendly and encourage physical movement. You could also transform your conference room or meeting spaces into break rooms by stocking them with books, arts, and crafts.

4. Invest in a good employee benefit package

The last couple of years has been challenging for businesses and their employees, which is why more and more corporations are adding mental health coverage to their employee benefits and insurance packages. Get in touch with a Pacific Prime expert to learn more about corporate insurance and employee benefits solutions and their type of coverage.

This way, your team members can be reassured that there is help available whenever they need it.

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