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Learn more about PassportCard and get a FREE quote via Pacific Prime Latin America today!

About PassportCard

PassportCard, an award-winning subsidiary of the David Shield Group, is a leader in the field of travel and health insurance. The company has a strong global presence and offers a wide range of insurance plans specifically designed to cover expats, their families, and employees working abroad. 

Prospective policyholders can choose a plan to cover their basic needs,  such as hospitalization and inpatient care, or include additional benefits, such as outpatient care, maternity, child wellness, and so much more. When it comes to employees, PassportCard also provides access to a dedicated contact person and other employee-focused services while they are abroad.

One of the unique selling points (USP) of PassportCards is that members can make claims easily and have them settled in real-time - with no need for out-of-pocket expenses, traditional claims forms, or lengthy approvals for reiumbursement. When an emergency strikes, PassportCard is there to cover it immediately. 

To secure a PassportCard insurance plan and benefit from this stress-free claims experience, click on the button below for a FREE quote!


Benefits of a PassportCard insurance plan

As mentioned previously, PassportCard is a leader in the field of travel and health insurance. The benefits of securing a PassportCard insurance plan are: 

1. Instant payouts: If you need to see a doctor abroad, dial the number on the back of your PassportCard. The system will calculate the costs instantly and transfer the money straight onto your card, which you can use like a normal debit card when accessing medical care.  

2. No paperwork required: Need to settle a claim? PassportCard is the only travel insurer who can do it in real-time - literally within minutes. You can say goodbye to paperwork, follow-ups, and a lengthy claims process.. Settling claims has never been simpler!

3. Re-activation: As all you need is one PassportCard, you’ll also benefit from convenience. All you need to do is contact the insurer before going abroad to activate the policy for a set length of time. And if you’re going abroad again in the future, you can use the same card again. 


Secure a PassportCard insurance plan via Pacific Prime Latin America today!

Do you like the sound of what you read? Whether you’d like to learn more about PassportCard and their offerings or are ready to secure an insurance plan today, you can reach out to the team at Pacific Prime Latin America. We’re a global health insurance brokerage and have over two decades of experience helping clients from all walks of life find, compare, secure, and manage the right insurance plan for their needs and budget, and can help you do the same!

While you can certainly go straight to PassportCard, you’ll find that there are a number of advantages working with a reputable and licensed intermediary like us instead. This includes: 

  • Guaranteed impartiality: As we work with many different insurers - not just PassportCard, we’re not loyal to any particular insurer. This puts us in a good position to recommend an insurer and plan that truly meets your needs and budget, and is the best option for you in the market. 

  • Value-added services: In addition to helping you secure the right plan, we’re also on hand throughout your entire insurance journey to help you simplify the process. We provide hospital recommendations, liaise with insurers on your behalf, offer claims support,and so much more!

The cherry on top is that all of our services are provided at no extra cost to you versus going directly to the insurer. 

Contact us to kick start your insurance journey today!

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